Conference Resolution


The First Conference on "Earth Observations for Sustainable Development and Security" was held in Kyiv, Ukraine from 3 to 5 June 2008. More than 150 participants from Ukraine and 10 partner-countries took part in the Conference.

 During the Conference, 20 plenary and more than 100 oral and poster presentations were made on important aspects of Earth observation data application for the solution of crucial problems of sustainable development and security.

 In particular, Prof. Jose Achache, GEO Secretariat Director, discussed prospects and architecture of GEOSS. Prof. Yuriy Nosenko, Deputy Chief of Federal Space Agency of Russia (Roscosmos), presented prospects of the creation of Earth observations satellites within GEOSS. Dr. Alfred Powell, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), discussed the future of satellites, their applications and GEOSS.

Within the Conference, the following objectives were achieved:

  • exchange of experience on crucial problems of security and sustainable development was made;
  • general information on the development of international integrated system on Earth observations was given;
  • instruments for international collaboration were defined, in particular, in terms of standards for data exchange, etc;


As a result of discussions during the Conference, the following recommendations of the Conference were considered as necessary:

  1.  To consider as a necessary and urgent step for Ukraine, the creation of Earth observations information system for sustainable development and security (GEO-UA).
  2. To support the initiative of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and the National Space Agency of Ukraine on creation of GEO-UA system, and to consider as important coordinated efforts and activities of interested ministries, scientific organizations, universities and private companies in order to implement GEO-UA decision making system.
  3. By the end of 2008, to form National Committee of GEO with engagement of scientific organizations, governmental authorities, public organizations to coordinate the efforts in creation and implementation GEO-UA system.
  4. To consider the collaboration with international organizations such as GEO, CEOS, GMES and INSPIRE as a priority direction of GEO-UA system development.
  5. To assign the international status to the Conference and to hold it once in two years.
  6. To carry out joint research between organizations of Ukraine and Russian Federation in the area of Sun-Earth connections, in particular within Ionosat international project.
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